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Jul 20, 2004
Sweet, Idaho
I suppose I ought to know what this is, but I don’t (part circled). Doesn’t look like a voltage regulator because of removeable cover. Relay for something? This is the passenger-side firewall of ‘63 FJ40. I don’t have the part on my ‘63 FJ45 but I do have the factory weld nuts there so something must go there, and it has wires coming from it, hence the question . Thanks!
That makes sense. On my 65 it’s on the passenger wheel well but that’s because the factory fan blower is mounted on the firewall. So now I’m on the hunt for a horn relay! Thanks derail!
Don’t know, not my rig and the part is actually long gone. Hence my ignorance.

Ok, actually my ignorance is a result of a lot of things, but I digress.

My guess is white is power, black goes to horn button on steering column (ground function on button closure) and twisted blacks go to horns. Guess.
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