Early Cruiser "WTH is this part" thread

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Aug 4, 2009
New Hampshire
I haven't seen an early 'Cruiser "what is this" thread so I'm going to start. I picked up a bunch of early NOS parts last year and while going through some of the stuff the other night, I stumbled upon quite a few things I can't identify.

I'll start with this one. WTH is this? the Toyota parts bag appears to have part #56418-60010 on it. For reference, the part is about 75mm (3") long and has a M6 thread at the end.

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Hi Guys to me it looks like it is the rod for the vent under the windshield on my 25 to open it
yep it's for the front ventilator.

I believe that part that is actually shown is 56417-60010 Bolt for front ventilator work

56418-60010 is the nut, front ventilator work.

Don't have a parts book handy see which ones these are but they are from the vacuum shift for the transfer case. Might the one at the transfer case or could be the ones for the vacuum shif t on the firewall.

Looks like the ones at the firewall. The ones at the transfer are much longer as they run across the top of the frame.
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