Dune Beige 416

Oct 24, 2015
Clarksville, TN 37043
I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Took the Dune Beige 416 paint code to my local PPG dealer and had him mix up a batch of Dune Beige based on the formula in their system. What I ended up with was something closer to battleship gray. Actually, it looks very close to the color under the actual Dune Beige on my 79 FJ40.

When I got the FJ there was a very thick rigid tar like product applied to the interior floor pans. This material was installed after the tub had been prepared for the final paint application. When I removed it, it exposed a gray color primer or a base coat that is almost identical to the color the PPG dealer mixed based on the 416 code in their system.

I ended up taking a piece of the original body panel that was in excellent condition and had minimal exposure to the sun out to him and having him shoot it with his camera. Using the camera results as a starting point, 20 plus years of experience mixing car paint and five or six tweaks later yielded the “Dune Beige” mix that is going on my FJ.

I know that several sites indicate that single stage acrylic enamel results in a final product that closely resembles the factory finish but I’ve elected to go with a base coat / clear coat solution. Since the cruiser is not going to be painted in a paint booth I’m told it will be easier to address any flaws that may get introduced using a base coat / clear coat option than with single stage acrylic. Also, if it gets damaged in the future it will be easier to repair. Finally, the guy that is doing the body work and will be painting it, and has been doing body and paint work for over 30 years, assures me he can control the luster and scratch resistance with the selection of the right clear coat.

Below is a picture of my “Dune Beige cruiser that I’m trying to reproduce and the paint mix that matches it.

If anyone else is looking for Dune Beige you could try having a quart of this mixed up to see if it works for your project.


Aug 4, 2009
New Hampshire
That's weird. I've had my local shop mix me 416 in a couple different PPG products, both single stage and base coat. Are you sure they used a Toyota color? There may be other manufacturers that used the name dune beige.
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