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Jul 29, 2007
Keene, Ca.
My 67 FJ40 (F engine) has been running a bit rough lately. I checked the vacuum and am only getting around 15psi. Checked compression and all are around 130 to 135 except #5 with 120 psi. We did a leak-down check and could hear air pressure escaping out of the exhaust pipe. An aircraft mechanic friend told me they are able to reseat the valve sometimes by 'staking the valve' ie hitting the top of the valve with a hammer in the hopes that it may spring back in to place and seat. Has anyone ever tried this before? I'm getting tired of dropping money into this POS F engine. If the engine goes then the 3 spd and transfer case will also go.
When was the last time that you adjusted your valves?
Sure, I've heard of people hitting just about anything on a LandCruiser with a hammer to see if it fixes it. Sometimes it does. Probably couldn't hurt. I guess I'd make sure that piston was down before whacking the valvestem though.
15 inches of vacuum is not bad. I know you want 18 or so, but when was the last valvejob? If you're tired of throwing money at it, maybe just pull the head and hand-lap the valves?
When was the last time that you adjusted your valves?

The valves were just adjusted again to make sure none of them were too tight. One of the guys here suggested to lap the valves and has the stuff to do it, so that's the next step I guess.
The lower end was done about 8000 miles ago but from the receipts it doesn't look like the valves were touched.

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