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  1. Flatlandr

    Wanted 79 FJ40 Fuel Filler Neck

    I discovered the source of my fuel stink is a steady leak at the hanger bracket on my "restored" filler neck: likely a sandblasting casualty. The shop never filled the tank up enough to notice this, and now a full tank creates a steady stream of fire hazard. I'm weighing replacement against...
  2. jbcruising

    Dual filler neck restrictor

    Does anyone know where I can get a press/thread in insert like this for the dual filler neck? Or how I can remove the flap assembly in this extra neck I have and insert into the dual neck? I'd prefer not to have to cut and weld, but I will do that if I have to.
  3. AaKnight

    Wanted Fuel Tank and filler neck ... anyone near oklahoma?

    I'm looking for a complete 80 series fuel tank and filler neck. Preferably within a days drive of Oklahoma. If you have one or the other, hmu
  4. O

    Replacing fuel tank filler neck

    hi all, I am replacing the filler neck on my 1994 80 series. I have the old one out. It was so rusted I ripped it in half to get it out. Looking in past threads I see the new replacement has to be sectioned to install it unless I pull the body off the frame. (Thanks Toyota) That's not...
  5. thebus

    Wanted 1993 fzj80 Filler neck

    as the title states need a filler neck please let me know asap must be in good condition thanks!
  6. Gus

    For Sale 80 series dual filler neck assembly

    *** SOLD *** This is a dual filler neck for 80 series, I bought it new and never got around to doing an auxiliary fuel tank instal. It's still in the box, basically new and ready to go. I have sold my 80 series. $300 plus shipping, located in Ridgway, CO. Start a conversation for the...
  7. nakman

    Slow to pump gas - fuel filler neck

    Anyone else here have this issue? Has been the case with us ever since we drove the GX home, and I'm getting tired of it. Fairly well documented that the root cause is the lining inside the filler neck swells up, and just doesn't allow gas to flow down into the tank as fast... so the pump...
  8. Farrell Martin

    For Sale FJ80 Filler Neck in Excellent Condition - Atlanta

    i ended up patching mine instead of replacing it, so I won't be needing this one. $75. Packaging this up looks like a real PITA, so local pickup preferred.
  9. Farrell Martin

    Install Fuel Filler Neck - Where Cut?

    I am about to go through the process of replacing the fuel filler neck and have read that I will need to section the new neck to install it. Can anyone provide any guidance on where best to cut the piping to ease the installation? Pics would be awesome. Thanks - F
  10. Farrell Martin

    Wanted Fuel Filler Neck 1992 FJ80

    I have been having a fuel leak under my truck while filling it up lately and tracked it down to the fuel filler neck that is very crusty. So, looking to replace it with a solid used one. Please let me know what you have including shipping to 30064. Thanks - F
  11. seventysixers

    For Sale (UT)New CCOT fuel filler neck and rubber hose

    SOLD CCOT fuel filler neck and hose Paid 49.99 will take 30$ plus shipping
  12. icorradoi

    For Sale Dual Filler Neck 80 Series SOLD!!!

    I have a gas version (with restrictor) dual filler neck for sale. Works great, had it on my 80 for about a year. One of the vent tubes has been cut and (poorly) welded back together, however, no leaks. See pics. Let me know if there are any questions. $200 shipped in the continental U.S.
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