Door card inner plastic top bolster - cracking - Repair/Replacement Solutions

Oct 13, 2008
I have been looking around on Mud and was unable to find any threads regarding the repair/replacement of the door card plastic top bolster piece. Looks like a new 80 series rabbit hole. It started when I did the window motor and door actuator refresh project on my 97 fj80. After removing the door cards a couple of times the plastic is as brittle as potato chips. The truck has lived its whole life is So Cal and this might not be problem in other parts of the country. I spoke to the Australian door card guys and they didn’t have any solutions. I am thinking of a metal solution (bend aluminum) and glue to plastic underneath to support or ABS slurry mix with some aluminum screen material to strengthen.
Anyone already tackle this problem and have any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated? Or is someone making replacement pieces?

Thanks for looking!
Aug 8, 2003
My Supra door armrest was sagging and I repaired/stiffened it by smearing a layer of JB Weld on the affected area and propping it up with wood while it dried. It's sold in larger containers than the little tubes. I'd spread a layer of JB Weld on the underside as a thin and strong layer that will reinforce the failing plastic. It will be WAY stronger if you also coat the top side, but that would require removing the vinyl so you could get to it.
Nov 13, 2002
The Saratoga slums, CA
I did this repair last year. I used JB weld reenforced with some fiberglass fibers. I sanded it smooth and then covered with thin aluminum tape. It came out OK, but not perfect.
The biggest challenge is making the repair strong, but also thin. If it is too thick, then it won't slip over the door or the belt moulding creates too much pressure against the glass and the window won't roll up and down smoothly.

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