doin engine swap, lookin for help!!!

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May 13, 2009
southeast wisconsin
my current motor is a 22re in a 87 4runner, cylinder 2 is dead and i cant find the problem.... ive come to a conclusion if i cant get it to live again im just gonna drop in a chev 350 i got layin about... i found a few sites online as to where i can get the parts and kits and what not... but i dont know what has to be done for it all to work, any help with either the dead cylinder or the swap would be fricken sweet
what do you ean by dead? not firing? did you check the compresion?
im talkin like theres spark, compression checks out fine, it just doesnt fire... i think its an injector problem but i know for a fact that its not the injector itself czu ive switched them and even replaced them, and still no results,:confused:, ive been trien to figure this out for close to a year now... so i have no idea, my thought is the ecu but i dont know how to check them let alone find one for cheap or free...
If you are interested in an engine swap, I'm your go-to guy. I suggest you PM me with mailing address for one of our freebie V8 instruction sheets (file too big to e-mail). What's not covered in the book I'll tell you right now. Know that there will be those who tell you I'm wrong and that they did not have to do what I say. At the end of the day I'm right, they're wrong, and they have a truck that runs 240 degrees on the coldest day of the year:
You will need a high capacity Radiator (45 gpm minimum, normally 2" thick minimun), and it must be mounted in front of your front core support (between head lamps). That means good bye hood latch--hello hood pull pins. All other info will be in our instructions, or use the high powered PM function on this site to contact me to solve your inquisitive appetite.
I had an 87 4Runner that had the same problem you are having. It turned out to be corroded injector wiring. There is a sharp bend in the harness about 8" from the injector plug and it was completely broken inside the taped bundle. Replacing the wiring harness corrected the problem.
it never occured to me about the harness, cuz i have checked it twice, but i guess ill go over it once again with a second person to double check it... thanx for the help so far, ill reply back after i work on it
when i rebuilt my EFI harness i had 48 broken corroded or chafed wires.
due to a lot of four wheelin i think

i'd rather see a guy keep the OE engine or at least a toyota engine in there. bowties are blasphemous

i would love to make and sell toyota stuff one day like downey. but i would never sell parts that encouaraged gettin rid of a yota engine.
just aint for me...
As I recall there is a splice in the harness that pairs the two injectors Jerod talked about. There is a simple brass crimp that either corrodes, or just comes loose. The fix is solder and shrink tube. Take the upper intake off and start at the #2 injector and peal back the tape until you find the connector.
alright cool.... im learning more and more about toyotas thanx to all you helpful ppl, as soon as i can get to work ill have a fun day doin this... czu every one else ive talked to never told me about the injectors firing in pairs, or that they get spliced together in the harness somewhere... and again thanx for all the help so far... im hopin thats all it is for the problem czu di rather keep the motor i have so i dont have to spend more money to swap...
well i got some good news, the problem has been fixed, so no chevy engine... yet... its only gonna happen when the motor is completely dead, and thats a long way off... but it was a missing connection where the injector wires meet and split or connect... what ever... but i did fix it with the help of a friend that is more detail oriented than me, all i need to do now is some final tuning and tweeking, get rid of my tick, and ill be all set.... so thank you all for your help and puttin up with my idiotic self, and once again a big thanx to all for your help
now i got a new problem... but i did narrow it down to a vacum leak at the egr valve.... i dont know whether or not this will fix it but ill try... basically i took it for a small run, the idle was erratic and it tends to sputter... can this all be caused by the egr leaking??
an EGR that sticks open will cause an erratic idle.

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