do i need to replace my clutch ?

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Mar 31, 2009
eureka, humboldt county ca.
i keep slowly loosing clutch in my 68 fj 40. i replaced the hydrolics, all new. extended the ram. had clutch for a while, but slowly getting less and less. now i am having a hard time shifting again, and am starting to think the clutch might be worn out after all. any input would be great. thanks.

1968 fj40. shevy small block, as of yet unknown year.
Go to a hill ,stop at the bottom,engage clutch see if it will pull the hill or slips and you smell the clutch? If either =replace. 2 cents. MIke
the prob isn't that it slips in gear, i can't get the clutch to disengage enough. i can still speed shift without troubles, so i can drive. but i have trouble getting it back into a gear at a stop if i take it out, and i don't seem to get full disengagement at a stop in gear when i step on the clutch.
no idea. i have only had this rig for about 4 months. previous owner didn't do to good with matenence. i think the last time he changed oil before i got it was 2001.
Bite the bullet,get someone in the local club to help you do a complete clutch job.2 cents Mike

if it were wear I think engaging or slipping might be your problem

make sure your rod is adjusted out enough and check the pedal height adjustment

After that check the fork is secure on it's ball

what about the installation of the slave since it is a SBC? Is it mounted to allow the correct amount of travel?

Since you are having problems disngaging could you have probs with rust or maybe a warped pressure plate? If non of the above works I'd say its time to have a visual inspection under there
Howdy! I went thru this on my Piggy after I did the Chevy transplant. I would only get 6 - 12 months out of the slave cylinder.. Take it apart and it looked OK, but the rubber bits were shrinking and allowing the fluid to pass by. I finally built a junky little heat sheild for it. Just a 3 sided box to fit over the slave. I've got about 10 years out of this one now. Another problem I had was the AA? slave mountilng bracket was bending as I pushed the clutch pedal. I just welded the snot out of it and built it up about 200% thickness. It works great now. Good luck. John
just checked over the whole system again, it may be just that i need a lock nut on the push arm. seems the adjustment worked it's way in a bit. i hope this is all that's wrong ( crossing my fingers )

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