disc brakes on 65' FJ40

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by guenther65, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. guenther65


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    Apr 23, 2003
    Has anyone converted front drums to disc on a 65' fj-40. I'm new to the wonderful world of cruisers, so I need all the help I can get. I know man-a-fre sells a converter kit for $750. Does anyone have any knowlege of this kit? Can I use the stock ball axles or do I need to upgrade my whole front end? I'm tired of having to fight my cruiser every time I stop. Also, could I ever go to 4 wheel disc in the future? Any help will be great. Thank you
  2. Gus

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    Apr 13, 2003
    Ridgway, CO
    You should be able to pick up a front disc axle with the 4:11 ratio that would bolt right into your 65 for way under $750. You'd also need the master cylinder from a disc brake cruiser, you could find a used one pretty cheap (try the classifieds, cruiserparts.net, Specter off road etc.) and then get a rebuild kit for it. This route could be done for well under the price of that conversion you mentioned. :G
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    Mar 27, 2003
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    A '65 would need a booster too. Can use all drum with booster master if you remove a valve in it. Front residual valve or something like that that is for keeping pressure that only drum brakes need.
  4. bodacious


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    Apr 20, 2003
    you will need a flare tool.. as your brake lines are the smaller size.. you will also need to make a bracket to offset the new booster away from the firewall and make the pushrod longer.... or move the clutch master cylinder and the stiffening rib on the firewall..

    you will need new inner axels.and newside gears ( fine splines ) for the front pumpkin for any conversion kit.. dont try to buy a later pumpkin unless your going to drill out your housing to aceept the larger mounting bolts./..
    .if you still want to convert.. with any kit... you need birfields of course.. because you have a ball joint front end.. and you need to run a new line somehow to the rear and a new one to the front as your old master cylinder has only one line coming out of it

    welcome to the wonderfull world of 1967 and earlier cruisers.. go under the assumption in all published kits that they WONT fit your cruiser without added difficulty...and $$$

    i guess i did a mini truck conversion on 1 of mine.. and prompty just bought a complete axel the second time around...

    mainly because front end work...is the messiest nastiest job around.. and I HATE it

    sorry but its the sad truth.. i have a 67 fj40 and a 66 fj45 short wheelbase pickup
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