Disc brake conversion/floater

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Dec 1, 2003
I own a '73 FJ-40 and want to go with disc brakes all around. At the same time I want to up grade to a full floater rear end.

For the front axle, does anybody know the best way to approach this. As I understand it, there is a kit available that includes everything including the outer axles. I guess they need to be replaced... is this correct? My other option would be to find a good buy on a newer front axle with disc brakes intact.

For the rear axle, did the full floater come with disc brakes in later years? IF not, is there a kit available for the conversion?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Don't buy the kit, it is a big waste of money.
IMO the number 1 best way to add discs is from a 79 or later cruiser. Which I just sent a check to a fellow lister for today.
Nearly the same is to use the knuckles from a minitruck solid front axle. '79-85 (only difference is the solid rotor vs vented on a cruiser of same vintage, IIRC)
78 and earlier cruiser knuckles are fine, but if a springover is in your future, the steering arm bolt pattern is less conducive to hysteer arms-IIRC there is only one company that makes them.

The late model cruiser knuckles are costing me $200, then I will buy new rotors and loaded calipers, and new rubber brake lines. I should stay under $300 for the best front discs/knuckle possible using all LC parts.
The knuckle swap is not hard to do, and in the prosses you will rebuild the knuckles with new bearings, seals and grease, something that should be done anyway, without having to swap axles. Should take me a full saturday to do, if you have never rebuilt a front axle it will take longer. (~20 hours of shop time for me first time around)

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Consider the OEM Toyota Full-Float for the rear over the kits... $400-500 and you can have one ready to go... add $200+ for the disc brake swap kit and you have a stealthy axle. :D

There will be a huge tech/build up article on my website soon... we just picked up 7 60 series full-floats and will begin the mods... everything from disc brakes, SOA, heavy duty shaft options, and one will be getting 4-link/coilover.
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For the rear axle, did the full floater come with disc brakes in later years? IF not, is there a kit available for the conversion?


The 7x series come with rear disc brakes in some markets after 1990. www.GScruiserparts.com had one available recently, as did http://www.man-a-fre.com from time to time. Most 1993+ 80 series have FF discs but the axles are very wide compared to a 40.


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