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Apr 9, 2017
took some picks of the digital clock after busting the plastic face transporting some long oars.

you have to be really very very careful removing the shell so use a lot of tools as you try to lever it off. and stay away from the thin bits that look like they will break very easy.

wits end shiv is great for all kinds of things and i used it on the connector. and also for taking the plastic clear housing off.

if anyone has an extra clear plastic housing i’ll love to buy it.





Perfect time to upgrade! I can't remember who on here did this mod for the clock, but pretty sweet. He picked up on of these:

ODBII Scanner Thingy

And wired in the clock place. :grinpimp:
Found it :)

Found it :)

woah. wtf. looks like i have reading to do...!
With the Android head unit, my watch and the cellphone all telling me the time, I've been thinking of taking out the dash clock and putting in one of these.
Amazon product
@retrofive 3D Printing Parts for the 80 I have the STL file to print that bracket off but you will likely want to print it on something better than PLA. PETG will survive better in the heat. You or as others have done, just take the measurements and make it out of metal. PLA is still working fine for me, but I will end up reprinting with a slight design change as ideas have grown.

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