deusth tech shocks and ford towers

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Nov 12, 2002
anyone know where to get these items at a good price?
ford towers = ford stealership....$17 or so apiece, won't find better.

if you know the shock P/N, you can order thru for IIRC $28 per shock, tho they aren't stock so you wait a few weeks.

shock p/n's can be found in the tech links, in the shock spreadsheet.
ford mounts are taller, about 2-3". They mount with 2 bolts and "should" be welded on as well...even better, brace the backside a bit. The holes are close to the stock rivit holes but not exact.
I got my towers from a junk yard 86 F-250 for $15...they are common and take only 10 minutes to pull...

78 FJ-40 "Rudy"
I forgot...Doetsch DT3000's can be purchase direct from the company and ship quicker that way (usually). I ordered part #3368 which are 29.5" extended and 17" compressed for and overall 12.5" of flex. They also make a 32" by 18.5" for 13.5" of travel....part #3403. Both are $40 a piece from Doetsch with free shipping.

78 FJ-40 "Rudy"

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