Dead TuRDle (Idling Issues)

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Mar 25, 2009
Colorado Springs
Truck started fine, drove it to work today, but when I went to leave for lunch it started fine as usual and as I started to go down the road it began cutting out. I gave it a little throttle and it backfired a little and kept cutting out.

I pulled the choke out a little to help it and it wouldn't idle above 1K RPM. If I'd give it gas it would die. It would start up again with the choke 1/2 way out, but any attempt to move choke or give it gas would cause it to die. Luckily, like last time, I was right near the garage when it decided to act up...I was able to idle it to the garage.

Glad it happened at work and not while I was up i the woods all weekend...

You think this: is my issue?

Think I'm going to keep my 89 Toyota pickup around for awhile until the TuRD proves it's reliability! I hope these are just original parts going bad (was the ign coil and distributor last month) Still less than a car payment every month...
Check your carb site glass. S/b @ the 1/2 way mark.

Yeah, I checked the sight glass. It was 1/2 full like usual. Pulled the air cleaner and the carb is squirting gas like usual. Tried some carb cleaner / starting fluid with same effects.
Fuel filter maybe.

Dirty filter @ idle can = 1/2 in sight glass...but fuel starvation under load.


Didn't have much time to mess with it at lunch and had obligations after work tonight, so I'll take a look tomorrow at lunch and check fuel filter and idle solenoid. If I can't figure it out it's right next to the garage.

I was wheeling this weekend, but tank was near full, maybe some crud got up into the filter from bouncing around a lot? Grasping at straws...
So this isn't a fuel issue/idle solenoid etc...

So I put in a new distributor and ignition coil in a couple weeks ago. I pulled the distributor (new, remanufactured one) and this is the problem again. There's a (shear?) pin which is #46 in the diagram that seems to have sheared. I'm guessing it's causing the gear not to turn right and f-ing up my timing...that would explain it running s***ty and backfiring a bit.

What would cause this? Do I have something messed up inside my engine?

I don't know if this is the exact issue as last time since I didn't do the work myself. Firestone is replacing this one under warranty, but I wonder if it's just going to s*** itself again in a few weeks. The tech that fixed it last time is on vacation so I couldn't ask him.


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