damn punks!

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Oct 11, 2010
San Diego, CA
Someone broke into my truck this week, I'm not sure when because it hasn't moved in a week. I'm not sure how Houdini got in because the truck was locked and the alarm was armed. What's more interesting, they knew their way around the inside of a cruiser. They were nice enough not break anything and only got away with my ARB tire deflater. Damn these punks!:mad:
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How'd they get in? At least they didn't rip your dash apart for the radio, etc.
Bad economy always increases theft. Does seem like just a little to steal. Is your registration and insur. cards still there? Garage door opener? Mike
I wonder if they somehow jimmied one of the rear slider windows to get in? That sucks!
I'm pretty sure they didn't jimmy a window. I have a bad lock actuator that works half of the time. I'm chalking it up to that. There is literally no damage, they even dismantled the cup holder and loosened the screws that keep the dash installed. I look at this as motivation to finish cleaning my garage so i can park all the vehicles inside.
I had my DD broken into. The day I.forget to lock my door is the day they get in. Went through my backpack and took my work laptop and rooted nook. Left the backpack in front seat. Nice thieves didn't break anything.
Was working on the truck/trailer last night and I forgot to put my passenger window up all the way when I finished. :bang: Someone made off with my little Mp3 player and managed to reach into the top compartment of my center console and take my GoPro HD. :mad: Window was 1/2 way down they left muddy shoe prints on my Step sliders where they had to stand to reach that far. !@$% scumbags man.
Most old Toyota keys are worn in a way that most keys will work with almost every Toyota lock. I've seen it demo.
Most old Toyota keys are worn in a way that most keys will work with almost every Toyota lock. I've seen it demo.

Master keys for Celicas were popular in the early to mid 80's. Filed down Toyota key would pretty much work in any Celica around that time.
That's the problem with a lot of early Toyotas. Most any key would work in any Toyota if the key and lock cylinder were worn down enough. The OEM key (and for the most part, copies made from said key) from my AE86 will open and start any older Toyota.
Scum of the Earth! You live in a nice neighborhood too so what the heck! Punk kids with no respect these days..

btw, I'm really enjoying the pop-up camper. You should see how fast I can air down the tires these days.

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