Wanted Dallas, Texas: 1995-1997 80-series; LX450 (1 Viewer)

Feb 12, 2015
Plano, TX
Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
  2. LX450
Plano Texas, United States
I sold my 1994 (along with the rest of my fleet) back in 2016 to fund an engagement ring/wedding. I’ve probably owned 50+ cars in 25 years of driving, and I only legitimately miss 3 of them, my Cruiser included. I thought I had a deal done, but because of logistics and some other issues, unfortunately it looks like that isn’t happening.

I want to buy a relatively unmolested 1995-1997, Factory triple-locked only. I’m planning on doing a lift, winch, bumpers, a roof basket and a RTT, so if done well I don’t consider those negatives. I just want the major mechanical, electrical, and interior to be stock and in great order and it would be preferable I could put my own whisky dents in her.

Serious buyer with the ability to complete the sale.

ps - this was supposed to be my birthday and Christmas present combined, so I’m really bummed. Please help me find my dream rig.
Oct 14, 2010
I have a 40th anniv in very nice, nearly stock condition...Front ARB is only upgrade. Meets all of your requirements except factory triple lock (sorry). If interested, feel free to DM me. We're close enough that you're welcome to take a look at it. Nearly 250k on the odometer.

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