For Sale Daddy Cool center console fridge

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Trunk Monkey

Apr 27, 2003
Salt Lake City
Rare import from New Zealand, this is a Daddy Cool center console fridge. This is designed for the '04-'08 Ford F150 and F250, but can be mounted in other vehicles space permitting (30 1/8"L x 16 5/16" H x 12 3/8" W). It runs on 12v power and holds 6 gallons of beverages and food(18 soda cans). It will cool to 39* and has a 2 hour battery protection shut off.

Also has a padded top, top storage area for CD's and sunglasses, and 4 drink holders. It's gray in color and new in the box.

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That's damn cool (no pun) ...
I got looking at their literature and noticed that it said the front two drink holders were cooled. From the pic it looked like they were pretty shallow, maybe could hold a coffee cup. Well, I opened up the box again and those two holders have trap door bottoms. So, you set your water bottle in there and it's cooled too! Pretty neat.
so whats the story with this? why are you selling?
I have a friend with a f150 that may be interested.
Selling for a friend of mine, Paul, that runs Equipt Outfitters. IIRC he picked it up at SEMA to see about carrying the product, but it never materialized. Plus, I have a fridge already.

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