CV Removal and Replacement

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Mar 20, 2015
in general, what can I expect for total cost out the door? $1500 a reasonable expectation?
Toyota CV's will cost $400-600 each. The aftermarket ones are way cheaper and have a warranty, but you'll spend the next few months swapping them in and out and end up just buying the OE Toyota ones anyway.
I'm seeing the Toyota CVs around $400-$500. I'm guessing 2-3 hours of labor.
wow! Stevinson in Denver quotes $670/per CV at 4hrs/side so, about $2k. I get everyone needs to make a buck, but really? $2k? Damn!
Come to my home in Birmingham. Will remove and rebuild existing axles, if not damaged, and reinstall with new OEM differential seals for $675.00. If you want new OEM axle replacements add $400.00 per side. Also, Rebuild wheel front hubs using factory specs, OEM parts and Amsoil grease or what ever you spec at an additional cost. Would take 2-3 days with an advance appointment. I work slow.

Offered as a comparison.
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That's a great price, makes me want to road trip. But, we're off to Maine in a few weeks. The local LC club in Denver recommends a Toyota shop called ATLR that's not from from my house. I hear they are hard to get into because they are so popular. I think I can limp it along with clamps and added grease. They aren't making noise and are just weeping a bit of contaminated grease. Hopefully I can get in soon. I'll get them to pull, rebuild and reboot.
I did em myself. Its a dirty job if dont right. New yota axles come with (2) tubes of grease, one for the inward joint and one for the outward joint and yes theyre different. The sucky part is getting all the old grease out with carb cleaner or brake cleaner and getting the new stuff in. Then cleaning up. Id gladly pay 2 or 3 hours per side.
With two wee ones at home, 6 hours to time dedicated to the LC would be a deal killer. These guys have a great reputation and I need another alternative to the dealership. My wife's 4Runner is coming up on its 90k service, so this will be a good test.
I think $1500 is right in the fair zone for new OE axles installed at a good independent shop. You could see a few hundred bucks variance in either direction based on where you're located. A couple of hours per side. Finding a good indy shop is the most important part.
wow! Stevinson in Denver quotes $670/per CV at 4hrs/side so, about $2k. I get everyone needs to make a buck, but really? $2k? Damn!

Are you a Rising Sun member? We get a big discount at Stevinson.

I just had both mine replaced and since I'm still not able to lift, yank and pull on stuff, it went to @sleeoffroad for the super duper treatment. I'd call Slee and see when you can get in there. (They're a little backed up right now) It will be cheaper in the end than Stevinson and probably better work. Or, join Rising Sun and get the parts discount and swap them out yourself.
I'm not a Rising Sun member, just a lurker. ATLR was being pitch on the RS site. I hope to join sometime, I just don't have the time right now. I heard Slee is over 2 months out. ATLR is only 1 month out. I can limp it along for 30 days, but not 2+ months.
Well, I owe you a phone call to discuss the CVs. Thanks for letting me know.
For 2k, I'll fly out there and install two new oem cv axles for you. Legit offer. I can do this late aug. You just have to provide housing and a suitable work area.
This won't be the most popular suggestion out there, but I ran O'Reilly reman'd CV shafts for 2 years without any issues (and some hard wheelin). They run $60/CV.
Suggest using a good shop, with lots of Land Cruiser experience, that stands behind their work and knows the value of OEM parts. I wonder who that might be?
all the offers of help are appreciated. If Slee has the time in a month, you cannot ask for a better shop to do it.

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