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Feb 27, 2007
lost in the santa cruz mountains
im in the middle of building my new front bumper (non-winch) I was planning on taking a couple of inches off the front of my frame to tuck it in closer to the body.

question is will this present any clearance problems for mounting a winch down the road

I dont want to screw my self over, any input would be great
forgot to mention im planning a shackle reversal, will the front spring mounts need the extra length of frame infront of the existing shackle mount
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It's hard to specifically know, but the 60 does not have a long nose. I would try pretty hard not to cut the frame, since once done, it's hard to put it back.
I have a friend who did the shackle reversal and as far as I can remember the bracket from MAF uses almost all of the front frame. I do caution that the kit (at least what he got) had many issues with holes aligning. I was not impressed. As for winches, depending on the type of winch you get, you can always recess it into the front valance and grill for better approach angles.
If I dint already have an ARB I would do what you are talking about, but a step more.

I would build the bumper so it repalces the valence and sinks into the body. It would help a great deal, I smash my ARB off all kinds of large rocks. Only other problem is the shackle is now going to get hit, so ya might as well 4 link the front too ;)
thanks for the advice, you said the man afre shackle reversal had some problems, does anyone else make one or would I be better off building my own spring perch and buying rear shackle mounts
oh I totally missed the part about the shackle reversal. I would say do that first. then make the bumper flush with the end of the shackle reversal. Just order some brakets from Ruff Stuff....great company.

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