Builds Cummins R2.8 Conversion build thread


Sep 29, 2004
Houston, the bowel of TX
Just did a little web surfing about this little motor including the presentation video from SEMA. Even more excited to see how this works out.
They are definitely marketing it to the personal vehicle 4x4 crowd ("iconic 4x4's") ...not so much commercial, even though commercial is part of their development according to the video. Given this, surely keeping cost somewhere below astronomical has to be one of their goals in order to sell this to Joe public.
Maybe being more turnkey than most conversions will lessen the financial blow. Fewer bits and pieces to source, adapt, fit and fabricate like engine accessories and nightmarish electrical. The only thing missing on this motor is the AC compressor.

Let's face it, the biggest obstacle in engine conversions just here on Mud is $$$ . If it wasn't so damn expensive there would be a sh*t ton more of us running around with Vortecs and diesels and much bigger grins on our faces.
Too expensive and this thing won't sell, at least not much more than the amount of people already doing conversions, which I would argue is a relatively small number of people.

But what the hell do I know.....(not much)

The economy (not fuel economy) of this motor will be interesting to watch.


Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
Nice work Tor..... under the program you are doing for Cummins are you allowed to get more power out of it or is it just a test bed for stock configuration?
Oct 17, 2016
Longmont, CO
To the experienced folks who have done H55F swaps, any one know if having a '85+ 60 will make this swap easier if adding the 2.8 & the H55F at the same time? or are all bets off, will the new motor change the length of the drive train anyway?

I have an '84.

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