Cummins 6BT conversion

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I just stopped by LNCW to see the big blue beastie......major progress! We've got new LCNW fab'd Motor Mounts, Sliders and they found an Intercooler that should work! I'll have pics soon. Man can't believe its been over two years!
Those "welds"

Who ever ran the welding machine has no more business doing so than I have commanding an aircraft carrier. I would not rely on any of those welds. If you can grind them completely away please do.

A good weld should seamlessly blend in with the base metals. Seeing nice 1/2 ripples on top is ok. At the edges of the weld the weld metal should blend into the base or welded metals. If it seems like the weld is sitting on the metal then there was not enough heat during the welding process. If there is abundant melted base metal, aka undercutting (it will look like scalloped out metal next to weld), then the weld was too hot. The extra heat melted not just the metal near the weld but metal well outside of the welding zone.

Too little heat or too much will greatly weaken a welded joint.

Also, clean metal allows for good welding. I mean clean like: No paint, no mill scale, no grease, no rust, just good shiny metal.

Oh yea, a weld which is porous may have suffered from dirt and filth or may have suffered from lack of a shielding gas. And do not let me catch you welding over a porous weld to fill it in.

Sorry, I got a bit carried away.

Good luck with the truck.:)
any updates? be interested in seeing this finished
Just finished reading this thread - wow what a project, gonna be one hell of a rig when finished.
We need pics, video, updates please!!

A day away, will have pics tomorrow, its pretty nasty out here today.....

Were waiting on the alternator, PITA i tell you, for some reason the voltage regulator doesn't hookup properly, we may end up just using a chevy one wire. ANy ideas from the 4bt crowd? It may have something to do with my engine came from a 93 which did not have an external regulator, instead it was controlled by the computer..

On positive notes, LCNW has produced some incredible work. The crossmembers, motor mounts, sliders and intercooler setup all came out sleek and stout. Its been a long time, but quality is worth waiting for. Tim's work up at Landcruiser specialties could have killed people, turns out he never finished welding the motor mounts to the frame, SCARY to say the least, that man should not be working on peoples cars, hes going to end up killing someone, I came really close!

I'll post a bunch of pics and hopefully a video tomorrow, should be rolling. My lady and I are headed east touring through the southwest/ South on our way back to Brooklyn, a hopefully sweet end to such a nasty tale!

thanks for all the support, and please spread the word about Tim's work....beware.


oh and I have a 91 Oshkosh step van for sale $3500 for mudders
low miles, 136 K 4BT all maintenance records from hostess and po
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I got this information from Dwitcher in my Tow Rig build. I used a 1990 6BT.


Were waiting on the alternator, PITA i tell you, for some reason the voltage regulator doesn't hookup properly, we may end up just using a chevy one wire. ANy ideas from the 4bt crowd? It may have something to do with my engine came from a 93 which did not have an external regulator, instead it was controlled by the computer..

Hey, I installed a Delco 22SI 160amp (Class 8) truck alternator on mine and requires very little mods to the factory alt brackets. It's a 3 wire design with internal reg. Also uses the 8 rib belt pulley. Super easy swap.
ey, I installed a Delco 22SI 160amp (Class 8) truck alternator

and I was happy with my tundra 150 amp .. until read this .. :frown:
Long time cummin!


The day is finally here, I drove the big blue beastie off the lot at LCNW after almost 3 years into this project......

I've been without internet for a couple weeks trying to get this thing running, a bunch of hold ups, the main one being a rusty diesel tank.

I got word the rig was complete, painted and test driven, so I flew out from NY to pick it up. What I found was less than complete, big alternator issues. We got one working, started the truck, and heard a load of shuddering from the motor, as if it was running out of fuel, or full of air, Matt from LCNW flipped the veggie switch and it calmed right out, purred like a kitten, I was a bit skeptical. Then we tried switching back to regular diesel, shuddering again, we thought it was out of fuel.....I had a spare five gallon in the back so I poured the 2.5 gallons in the diesel tank and we tried again. Same story........maddening after waiting so damn long.

Ended up running on veggie not sure what to do cause I didnt want to shut it down, i thought maybe I could get a block heater to keep it warm if I had to kill it on veggie so i could start it in the morning and figure out the problem.....the alternator burned out again and the truck shut off, battery dead....

Towed back to LCNW and we find out the original tank is full of rust, all the way up in the fill neck, the service station out in Linton must have a crack in theyre tank, there was a wipeable rusty almost claylike residue even in the last drop of the flll neck, even though there was only maybe 10 gallons in the tank.

Personally I was pissed, I cant believe they didnt drain the fuel tank after it had been sitting for two years before starting it, that blows my mind. But we figured it out. So i got to work pulling the fuel system apart.

We replaced the fuel filter, full of rust, the lift pump just as bad so i replaced it, the rubber fuel lines from the tank were weepy and soft so we replaced those, bipassing the veggie system to eliminate all possibilities of electrical/fuel discrepancies. I pulled the veggie tank, pumped out 35 gallons of svo, and the original tank, so full of silt and rust its a wonder the rig ran at all. The fuel pickup lines were equally as rusted, Lynchmob pulled through with a replacement, thanks again Chris!

LCNW had a BJ60 parts truck in the back of they're lot i went to check out and found a clean, diesel full fuel tank i drained, pulled after wrastling the fused canadian rusted studs from the frame, hoping when I got it down it would be worth cleaning and using.

It was! I wire wheeled the beast, primed and painted it candy red, loaded it in, reinstalled the veggie tank, replaced all the vent lines on the tank and got over excited i was in the home stretch......


veggie tank

bj60 tank





we put in a 160 amp alternator and disconnected the veggie system power

still nothing

The motor would crank, bleed, then turn over with injector 2 cracked slightly for a few seconds then die. I figured the svo had clogged the injection pump and lines, and hoped it wasn't full of rust as well.....We plugged in a block heater overnight but still we were stumped, so i called the veggie system folks and found out we had to hook up the diesel through their modifications or we'd be bringing air into the system.

We re-hooked everything and finally, after many injector bleeds we were back in business, cruising with no powerloss or stalls! We cruised out to the dalles and picked up a roofrack, then up to Mount Hood for a night of camping and celebratory wiksey! She rides like a long awaited dream, a little warm and loud, but i have no carpet or sound proofing, which should be installed soon. I'm putting the rack on tomorrow, spent the weekend refinishing it. I'm looking for a kaymar RH tire swing out too if anyone has one.

Thanks for keeping up with this post, its been a long haul, finally rolling!

Wow, the story just continues! Glad you got it on the road and I hope all the big bugs are over with. Are you still in the area?

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