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May 31, 2003
To add your place marker:
  1. Click on CSC Members Map
  2. Sign in to your Google account
  3. Click on "EDIT"
  4. Add place marker of your major cross streets
  5. Label it with your ih8mud user name

Be careful not to delete other member's place marker.

If you don't have a Google account and don't plan to apply for one, please PM me your cross streets info and I will add your place marker for you.
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sorry, no can do - I don't have a Google account :meh:
Updated, nice idea.
We've got a lot of new members I'm the group. Post up your locations, so we have an idea about distribution around the city.
Nice, looks like the west side coalition is strong!
*bump* ADDED
Updated mine...forgot to do that 3x months back!

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