Cruiser Days shirt design

This is the back of the shirt design, don't worry about the colour for now.

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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
NEW LOOK for the design,

here you go
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Let me get this out of the way right now, I wanted to suggest something else but I was told that we are sticking with the 45 because that's what it has been for the longest time. I am leaving for Europe on May 3rd and have a bunch of stuff to do before I go, and am gone for the entire month. So, that said, since I was told to stick to the 45 - here it is. If everyone wants to do something different, then we all can have a poll as to which truck can be on there, then we can do a new design, once everything is said and done the shirts should be ready for next year.
Which way are we going?
I don't have a problem with doing any of the designs, I just want to know what is going on since all of this does take time.
John, I am not focusing on you - just getting this out before everyone else has a chance to throw in more ideas.
They need to be ready by July Dave, so August shouldn't be a problem :)
You'll need to tee up with someone to get one (or two). Are you coming this way?
That's almost the right one.WHERE'S THE 40?
Wasn't the old one your doing Deny?

That is one great pic Matt.It does need a 40 climbin up the hill at a 90 degree from the front corner of your truck.
I like the 45 Mat. Personally not crazy about the blue. I've always like red ones.

Can we get the shirts in colours this year? Mabye some XL in Black or dark Green? Tired of white and grey, they get dirty so easily. Useless for wheeling/camping in.

Have fun on trip. Too bad we didn't overlap. You should have done better planning;). Lots O photos.
The shirt colours I will leave up to Rob and Phil as they have something figured out.
Phil, will it be a problem to do a batch of shirts with let's say a blue 45 and another with a red 45 on it? are we doing an option like that? or should we do a private forum poll for what colour?
Like John says
With the trees, rocks and outline of the truck in black, some shirts in green would work. :)
Wow Jeff. Even I didn't think of that. :doh:
New look!!!!

So I was not entirely happy with the draft, after many hours in Illustrator I came up with this for the back of the shirt, for those in the graphics biz, many layers, full vector pic and can be changed with minor work. So here is the final design for the back of the shirt:

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