Corroded 3B coolant/heater lines replacement

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Oct 31, 2012
British Columbia
I’ve found out that a lot of my coolant and heater lines are corroded on my 84 60 series 3B. I can’t seem to find an OEM replacement kit anywhere. Would using regular high pressure/heat rubber hose lines be okay to replace all my hoses?

Thanks in advance!
In a pinch I've used unicoil to make straight hose do some pretty funky bends. Cool but not cheap.
Hi mate, just make sure you have serviced your radiator, specially when they have copper core. get it all cleaned up, change your hose (on Ebay) make sure you have checked your fan clutch very important
I used half inch copper pipe and a tube bender to recreate mine. I slid rubber hose over the parts inside the cab.

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