Cooler Mounting Options?

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Jan 30, 2016
Clover SC
Folks – – hope everyone’s doing great. I’m looking at options to mount my old school cooler to the back of my 1979 ‘40 series.

Currently looking at a 4Plus bumper with cooler rack, but the tire carrier is overkill for my needs.

I don’t see myself running over a 35” tire in my future, and the stock carrier handles my current 33” tire just dandy.

Pics of the cooler with quail we shot, and link to the bumper;

What other options am I missing?

I considered fabricating my own mount that would bolt up in place of the license plate bracket but worry the bolt holes aren’t sufficient enough for a full cooler…

I don’t want to do any additional drilling into the body, as I would like to keep it as stock as possible. Has an Aqualu tub.

I have the 4plus cooler/tire carrier. It's legit.

I made mine but "borrowed" ideas from 4+ and others.

Rear Bumper 07.jpg

Cooler Basket 08.jpg
It’s one of the nicest hand built bumpers I’ve seen and I’ve had many on various vehicles. Dave is also a joy to work with. He will go above and beyond on all fronts.

You know you can just get the cooler side swing out without the tire carrier portion correct?



Thanks for the compliment. This basket is v 2.0 made out of aluminum. The v 1.0 was made out of mild steel and weighed a ton. The 3500 lb axle spindles that I used for the pivots could handle it though.

Rear Bumper 08.jpg

Rear Bumper 09.jpg

Rear Bumper 10.jpg
Thanks - what I saw that I liked from them was a carrier for 4 Jerry cans.... In actuality, it's for my cooler that's JUST slightly larger than 4 cans.... but I don't see that option despite seeing a photo of that on here lol
I have the plate style carrier that holds 4 cans, I’ll get some pics later.

It will hold 4 Scepter MFC's in there tight, the modern-day cans will only fit 3, they are slightly wider at the base.

I only carry 3 around if I need to.


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