Converting my 105 manual windows to power

Jul 6, 2022
Hey, I am new to this forum. I recently bought a 105 and I would like to convert the manual windows to power, I need help and suggestions for the parts.
i would like to know more about the procedures regarding the wiring and what parts can be used for this conversion
Sep 9, 2016
Odessa/Midland TX
It's easy and doable: I have converted our Hilux and Geo Prizm (Toyota Sprinter) to power windows.

Items need: All new/use door window winders (no drilling required: Toyota did a great job by maintaining same mounting locations) Switches on all 4 doors arm rests and door panels (Panels are not really required, but arm rest is a must so you can mount the switch to arm rest and then arm rest to your door panel. I have use Hilux surf arm rests to install switches into my Prizm. Then wiring: You can use OEM wires or do your own wiring. I did mine with a 30A fuse directly off the battery so I can roll windows up and down without turning the ignition on.

How good are you with wiring? It is not difficult.

To make life easy, try to locate a complete wiring harness from a toyota car/truck/suv. All have the same wiring/wire plug (especially 1988 to about 2002)

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