Complete running 79 FJ40 NE PA $1375

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SOLD SOLD SOLD The FJ40 has been sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selling a complete running 79 FJ40 in northeast PA. This truck has a clean PA title and is currently inspected and legal in PA, the PO was using it as a daily driver. The good: complete truck, all accessories work (wiper, heater, lights, horn). Brakes work, steering works (PO replaced the steering box and rag joint), clutch, transmission and transfer work fine. Engine starts up and runs pretty good. This thing goes down the highway OK with no obvious problems and is actually pretty peppy. Headliner is decent, visors and mirrors are good, rollbar is there with all pads. Jack extensions still in their holder. Seats are excellent- the fronts had covers and I was amazed to find a perfect seat under the driver cover. Dash pad is excellent. Door trim panels are excellent. Dash is clean, old time stereo in the glovebox (may or may not work). Has Warn manual hubs. The shifters and floor mat look pretty good. Top and windows are intact, all four doors open fine and the front windows roll down easily. Spare tire carrier works fine and latches securely.

Good or bad????? Funky front bumper, never saw another like it. Has a milkbox mounted behind the bumper for storage! Has an aftermarket console. Has fog or driving lights (I haven't tried them). The tires and wheels in the photos do not go with the truck- it will come with four chrome FJ60 wheels with excellent tires (yeah all four match) with great tread, I think they're Coopers. Smog pump still in place and driven with the belt but some smog stuff has been capped or disconnected (thermostat housing vac switches for example).

The bad: the body is rusty and has been patched in numerous places, I believe if you started to take the top and doors off, this thing would be bad. Looks like it has either an axle seal or brake fluid leak at the passenger rear wheel. Odometer is stuck around 179K- owner said it's been like that for a year, so I can't say what the mileage is. I believe there is an exhaust leak under the hood not too bad though. The original license plate holder is gone.

All in all it is as stated, a complete running late model 79 FJ40 with a clean title. The PO was indeed driving this regularly. With all the good parts (seats, dash pad, disc brakes etc) this truck is well worth the asking price in parts alone. Remember this is a later model 40 with the gas tank under the truck- not inside the cab under the passenger seat. No raw gas smell in this interior. Would I buy it and expect to drive it daily trouble-free? No but the PO did. Is it worth restoring? Not by me as I have too many other projects going. Price is $1375 firm- I believe it is well worth the price. This truck is going to the first person who comes up with the money- I'm located in northeast PA not too far from Rausch Creek. if you need to call my home phone is 570-668-2489 before 8PM eastern time. If you'd like to see more pictures email me I will post a few pics here to give you an idea what this old girl looks like.
79 FJ40 driver front.jpg
79 FJ40 pass rear quarter.jpg
79 FJ40 pass dash detail.jpg
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Damn, why are these deals always on the wrong side of the Mississippi river?
FJ40 sold

Chris Breton from Delaware bought the 40 today. There were thirteen inquiries in twenty-four hours. Where do I get these cruisers? Believe it or not most of them find me, and most of my cruiser cohorts will attest to that. I'm in the "network" I guess. Gary S
At this point I guess I should say "PM ME FIRST" on the next one!
That is a one of a kind bumper for sure- nice bend work on the tubes.

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