comparing downey vs advanced adapters

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Oct 15, 2002
a question for those with automatics:

i'm comparing downey's parts needed to complete the conversion from the factory 3 spd to a th350. they have as follows:
t/c shifter kit $40
t/c adapter $460.84
front output shaft adapter $184.20
rear cross member $141.20
total: $826.24

advanced adapters has:
t/c adapter $560.06
shifter kit $47.81
flexible dipstick $65.95 (downey doesn't have this part)
cross member $177.58
front yoke kit $178
total: $1029.40

so downey has the financial advantage here.
so what i'm looking for is opinions as to which is easier to install, what advanced adapters has over the competition. also, are there any other parts i need that i haven't listed? i know there will be drive shaft work needed. i will be working on this over the next month or more and will try to write up a technical article on it.
thanks for the help.
As for your particular application I can not comment to one or another. I can however tell you that the people over at AA are awesome! I have nothing but good things to say about them. They back up their products and are willing to help along the way with no attitude. I recently did a nv4500 conversion on my 40 and they went above and beyond in helping me out. Seems the rebuilder that sent me a fresh rebuilt nv4500, which was supposed to be complete failed to send my the necessary shifter collar parts to complete the conversion. These parts were part of the tranny but after speaking with the rebuilder they neither cared about my situation and told me to piss off. I called AA and they were nice enough to fish the parts off a tranny they had on display and give them to me free of charge! now that is customer service. Go ahead and give Jim Carlson a call at AA, a super nice guy, tell him I sent you, he should remember me. Sorry for the ranting but I was just amazed at their level of helpfulness and customer service.


i think downey uses aa , but dont believe everything aa tells you . they told me that my nv4500 would,nt bolt up to my atlas without buying on adapter($450.00)but it bolted right up
Lately I've been working with some guys at AA over a "Problem" my 40 developed and they've been super. I give customer service an A+.
AA kicks butt. They are taking back some stuff that we ordered and it wasn't even their fault. It was our bonehead and they are being way cool. But then, they always have been.
I also give a big thumbs up to Advance Adapters customer service. Several years ago, when I pulled my transfer case out for a rebuild, I found a big crack in the adapter between it and the SM420 tranny. AA replaced the adapter with an updated version, included the gaskets and nuts that were needed for the install, all at no charge. The adapter in question was about 5 years old at the time I noticed the crack. They took very good care of me.

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