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Oct 31, 2003
Fischer, TX
So, I was out the other day and was kind of jammed into a spot. I revved it up a little and let out the clutch. The tires didn't spin, and the engine didn't immediately die. I checked it later (after it was cooled off...) and it takes about 2 seconds if I rev it up and let the clutch out in high gear. It does kill it, but I'm wondering if it's close to needing replacement. I adjusted the friction point so it's very low, but it still runs a couple of seconds before it dies. Is my clutch about gone, or is that normal, or what?
The nice thing about clutches is that if you pull the inspection cover and look at the edge of the disc you can see the wear indicator grooves. If they're still there then you've got other problems like oil contamination etc... but if they're gone then you're running on minimal material and it's pretty much worn out and could be running on the rivets (although that is usuall a pretty loud screech).


And these...
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I did that, but apparently it's an aftermarket pressure plate then, because I couldn't see the clutch plate through the very narrow slit.
Doubt that it would make a difference stock/aftermarket as the pressure plate that would be used in a stock '78-40 would be the multi-finger unit..opposed to the three finger pressure plate found in the three speed and 1974 four speed Land Cruisers.

Sounds to me like it is slipping.

Good luck!

Whatever - I couldn't see in there... Headed for Moab in May - Better safe than sorry I suppose, if it's not typical.
The way to test for slippage is to put it in high gear at 25 MPH and then floor it. If the engine revs up w/o it gaining speed, the clutch is slipping. The revving it up and seeing how long it takes to die is a little subjective and it could be complicated by the TO bearing and slave cylinder sticking.
Slave cylinders can be trying on ones patience, I agree with the high gear rev at 25mph. if if slips replace the entire deal all friction parts and bearings. RESURFACE the flywheel and buy a new slave, there are cheap insurance.

Good luck
Slave cylinder could be sticking. Is there a return spring on your clutch slave cylinder. Without that spring, the clutch does not release freely.

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