clutch problems?

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May 23, 2011
I need some advise on some things.

a day after work me and some guys decided to go riding around.. we get to a part of the trail were it has a crossing, well friend in a stock ford truck went through this hole and i decided to follow him!
big mistake he must have stirred it up or something because it stuck me like glue! tires wouldn't turn in 4l or 4h he pulled me out and my 40 was acting like the clutch was gone in it.. i made it out of the place (barely)

now it won't come out of 4h and the clutch seems gone!

it will go to 4h to 4L, but not from 4h to 2H.

drove it home in 4H about 4 miles

P.s the trail we took out of there I redeemed myself a little when their trucks got stuck and i made it out limping!
Did you happen to press the clutch peddle when you were in the soup? You probably got mud or other debris thats preventing the pressure plate from holding the flywheel...
I would pull the clutch cover, and take a looksie...I've never done it, but you might be able to get a pressure washer up there and clean some of the goop out while someone has the clutch peddle pressed...That also might be a bad I said...I've never done it :meh:
x2 on the cluch, to get it out of 4h jack one frount wheel off the ground and give it a rock and it should come out. If it gets stuck again just reverse a bit pumping the gas a bit while you push the hi\low stick.

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