Climate Control Temperature Range

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Jan 20, 2006
Billerica, MA
This is probably going to sound a bit petty or strange, but I'm asking because it's actually an issue on my current vehicle and something I never would have expected until living with a automatic temperature control feature.

I currently drive a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder, which has automatic climate control. The problem is that the temperature settings (in Farenheit) are:

60, 65, 66, 67....85, 90

Notice the 5 degree jumps from 60 to 65 and 85 to 90. I'm finding that in almost all conditions 60 is too cold (and blows cold air) and 65 is too hot (blowing hot air). Switching to manual control doesn't really help as I'm still crippled by the 5 degree jump, though I can at least control blower speed and where it's blowing (feet, face, defrost, some combination).

It's bugging me to the point where I'm seriously considering switching vehicles. Pretty much anything made in the US (especially from GM, Ford, or Chrysler) is out (I hope for obvious reasons), the 4Runner isn't an option as it isn't quite roomy enough for me (I'm a pretty big guy). I hadn't considered the Land Cruiser last year when I got the Pathfinder due to the combination of cost and a relative lack of horsepower, especially compared to the Pathfinder. The horsepower issue appears to have been resolved and even though they're still quite pricey, it's now the front runner in options I'm considering. Having formerly owned a 1995 Land Rover Discovery, I can't see myself ever purchasing another Land Rover product - they're great when running but spend too much time in the shop.

I can't find the information on-line, so I was wondering if someone who owns a recent Land Cruiser would tell me what the temperature range and steps are on the low range of the dial.
I'm not sure the range, but it is in 1 deg F increments on my 1998 100 series.
As Firetruck41 mentioned, it's in 1dF increments. My truck is an 04 LX.
CTapia said:
As Firetruck41 mentioned, it's in 1dF increments. My truck is an 04 LX.

That's good - if anyone knows the starting temp, that would be useful. Before I make a purchase, I'll obviously go to a dealership and check out this among other things, but the climate control definitely goes in the deal breaker category if it doesn't have sufficient range.

The implementation on the Pathfinder is actually bad in a couple of ways. The first is the 5 degree steps at the 2 extreme ends of the range. The other is how long it takes to get from the lowest setting to the highest setting (or vice versa), though this is far less serious than the 5 degree steps. To adjust the temp, it uses a rocker dial - turn it left and the temp goes down 1 setting, turn it right and the temp goes up 1 setting. Holding it to the left or right does make it continue to change, but it changes at a uniform, slow pace. One might expect it to speed up the longer you hold it. So to defrost the windows, it takes a while to boost the temp and then a while to turn it back down when you're done.

I initially thought I really could live with this and I know it sounds petty, but it's really driving me nuts (maybe a short drive) :frown:.

Maybe it's just a good excuse to finally purchase a Land Cruiser - I've wanted one for a long time now :D.

By the way, thanks for the quick answers. I had a hunch there'd be lots of activity on a Land Cruiser forum as Land Cruiser fans have always been known to really be into it, much like the Land Rover fans. The difference with the Land Rovers is the discussion tends to get swamped with dealing with shoddy workmanship :). The Nissan forums I've found tend to be pretty slow moving - there clearly isn't a huge following there.
Yup, glad you got your answers. We love our cruisers!

I've never needed it colder than 67 and my wife has never needed it hotter than 74; I'm now curious as to what the range is. :D

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