Cleansing manual transmission?

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Mar 13, 2009
Da shoots
Odd question that I was having difficulty answering with the rest of the webs. I’m rebuilding a manual transaxle for a non LC project, but the inside of the case has a generation of funk and baked on sludge.

I was having an idea about flushing it like an auto trans.....what’s something I could add to gear oil, drive the car for awhile and drain that would help clean the inside? Kerosene? Diesel? Maple Syrup?

Am I crazy?
Why not split the case and clean it?

Adding something other than rec fluid could be a bad idea. Best bet would be ATF and jack stands.
I’ve *heard* of people doing that in certain applications, but not a transaxle. I would be worried about breaking that gunk up, having it get suspended in the oil and redeposited throughout.
Probably best to just do it the old fashioned way...

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