SOLD Clean California 1 owner LX470 11K

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
Coto de Caza, California 92679 United States
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Outside Link
Here is a pristine example of what a Properly maintained 1 owner LX is.
This is my Neighbor's LX470.
I would rarely see it when I walk my dogs, because it would always be garaged.
I always noticed that it was in showroom condition. Recently my neighbor was outside while passing with my dogs, I remarked how beautiful it was. He told me he was reluctantly partinf with it, so I asked to see it (I have 7 LCs and appreciate a clean Cruiser/LX)
When he popped the hood, I have never seen such a clean engine bay. You can also tell alot by a man's garage. And his is like a showroom museum garage, with no clutter whatsoever, finished floor and only white cabinets.
He was going to trade it in at the dealer, and I told him before he does, let me take a video and share it with other 100/LX enthusiats.
So here it is...
He has 43 records on Carfax, dealer maintained, TB WP services always done on schedule, along with all recommended services completed.
This was actually the 2nd LX470 sold in OC California, so he coveted this LX as such and pampered it.
Has 314k miles (13k a year) but looks better than most at half or a third that and runs like new (as they do when maintained per Lexus schedule)
He is accepting offers at 11k or more.
DM me and I can put you in touch.
Vehicle is in Coto de Caza CA.

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Screenshot_20220110-193732_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20220110-193752_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20220110-193648_Video Player.jpg
Also recent work done:
New Radiator done at 181k
TB and WP at 181k
Boots at 181k
Sound system upgrade, new speakers and subwoofer, audio is incredible!
Rear view carerma etc. double din.
It actually got picked up on Friday..
New Owner has a 2006 LX and will put the satin 18s OEM on it...
He offered 6k less so he could put a LS engine in it... (jk.. haha)
If only offers worked like that...
Tried to shoot you a PM @Land949Cruiser but your box is full, holler if you have a chance to clean out (not trying to buy this one, just touching base about a few other things!). Thanks. 👍🏻
I cleaned it out... Some messages from 2018... lol.
BTW, this LX did sell... Lucky new owner! Blasting the Hertz sound system all the way back to SLC.
I cleaned it out... Some messages from 2018... lol.
BTW, this LX did sell... Lucky new owner! Blasting the Hertz sound system all the way back to SLC.
I saw this yesterday here in the salt lake valley, in a parking lot with a for sale sign in the windshield 😅 I didn't stop to look at the sign, and when I went back today it was gone. Had to be the same truck though as what are the odds of seeing another blizzard pearl LX with those rims.
That was a nice price on that car - it looks clean as a pin, which leads me to be able to look past the mileage.

But those wheels are worthy of trial at the Hague. 😅

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