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Apr 11, 2008
THE Lone Star State

This guy live down the road from me and I asked him to send me a few pics of his rig. As you can see he has listed a whole lot of mods, but seems kinda cheap to me. I spoke with him yesterday and he said he bought it off ebay on a low bid he didn't think he would win. He went out to Cali to get it and ended up getting another with a 454 in it. Buying things off ebay, especially modded like this, worries me. I could do without all the stereo equipment for sure, but I like the engine. I asked if he got it inspected before he bought it and he didn't. He said from what he understood the guy that built the engine builds engines for dragsters. The other guy was a stereo guy. I thought it might be a good deal, but I will for sure have it inspected. What should I have the tech focus on? and is it worth it without a soft top or hard top? Also he posted no rust....then said small amount of rust. I hope the diamond plate isn't covering any up. Thanks
Better read that add a little better, it says 13,000, not 3,000.

If its 3k, you better jump... and FAST ... ;)

Cheers ..
if it was 3 I wouldnt have posted!! Its 13
I bought mine like that. Here is the right up mine. I think I got a hell of a deal.You just have to do your homework
1969 FJ40 for sale
1969 FJ40 For Sale 11,000 obo
Body- Excellent condition, with complete hardtop, solid doors, half doors, jump
seats, full roll cage, center consul , sound bar , am/fm radio with CD player.
Also includes new bikini top, new hi-lift jack and many extra parts.
Engine – Chevy. 383 V-8, Edlebrock Air-Gap manifold w/ Q-Jet carb.
HEI ignition with MSD cap, module, and wires.
High torque reduction starter, with Optima Red Top battery.
2 ¼” Corvette center dump headers.
Cooling – Man-A-Fre aluminum 4-core radiator with Black Magic electric fan and
high volume water pump with 160 degree thermostat
Transmission – SM-420 with 6:1 low gear, advance adaptor connected to stock
Toyota 2 speed transfer case with vacuum actuator, and full skid plate. Mounted
with custom advance adaptor rear mount, with new bushing
Clutch – Centerforce II with new friction disc, hydraulic linkage.
Axles – Front, Toyota with Longfield Birfields, and ARB, and
Warn deluxe selector hubs. Rear, Toyota with ARB. All axles 4.10: 1.
Tires/Wheels – Goodyear 12.50 – 15 X 35” MTR (Sipped). Wheels, American D- Spoke
15 X 10. Includes full spare and mount.
Steering – GM tilt wheel with Borgsen bearings and shaft. Saginaw 700 variable
steering box with s/s hoses. Marlin hi-steer arms, with custom links and Teflon
lubed rodends and Rancho damper.
Suspension – Stock Toyota springs with Polyurethane bushings, and Rancho 5000
Winch – Warn XD9000i , frame plate mounted factory covers.
Extras – 2 gas tanks 18/22 gal. Custom rear bumper
Thanks for the input guys. After some thought I think I am gonna keep looking. The guys that built this know nothing about FJ's, so who knows what they did. Since they are cert techs, who knows if there is anything wrong with the rebuilt small block. something i would have to learn the hard way. There is only so much you can do to inspect. Since it went so low on ebay, i am assuming they wanted to GET RID of it quick.

Im gonna try to close this thread.

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