Chasing 4wd issue-Think I am close but Advice needed

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Jun 23, 2006
Charlotte North Carolina
I have posted about this and am still working on it. Got a solenoid today that I know works and replaced the one in the truck. 4wd light still on. Swapped hoses, light stays on.
QUESTION:when I unlock my hubs, why does my front driveshaft not release? even in free, I cannot get it to turn. Does this mean that 4wd may not be on but my hubs are stuck Locked? The front axle was rebuilt so I wouldnt think that should be an issue.

What should I try next?
When you unlock your hubs you are releasing your wheels. . IF you are still in 4WD your drive shaft is still engaged to your transmission. If its in 4 wheel drive the driveshaft operates independent of the wheels being locked or not. The same applies when your wheels are locked in but 4wd is not engaged then your driveshaft spins but has no effect on the wheels. This is why you can drive around in the winter with the wheels locked with no ill effect.
Ok so I would conclude that I should take my focus to the transfer case/diaphragm part of the system and see whats going on there. I do have an arb locker up front up but it should not be engaged, it is turned off. It sound like now that There is something sticking possibly in the diaphragm. I presume I should take that off?
I am crossing the not so knowledgeable line with the transfer case, so any help/pointers would be extremely appreciated.
I was looking for something else and came across and old post of mine... Figured I would put it to rest with the conclusion...

I took the diaphragm out and by doing that found that it was in fact in 4wd and i took it out. Using a vaccum pump i made sure the diaphragm was in good working order and then reinstalled it.
I replaced the solenoid and it still didnt help so I ended up disconnecting both ends of the metal tubing on the firewall that the solenoids connect to. Turns out one of them was completely rusted shut so no air could pass thru it to do its job... I replaced that piece and all works 100% now!

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