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Mar 28, 2003
Boulder, CO
In the owners manual it reccomends a top speed with front and rear diffs locked, I beleive it is 5mph. I haven't found any reccomended top speed while in low range, having only the center diff locked.

Any ideas? And I presume this would be the same once I install my CD swith (in high range but with center locked)?
It is hard to steer with the front and rear locked. I think it is a safty 'lable' thing. ie: 'remove the gas cap before pumping gas into vehicle'
With stock gearsets and stock height tires, 5 grand in OD should get ya about 55MPH :G
So, no real speed issues with the center locked? I'm thinking of dirt/mud/snow roads where it might be beneficial to have the center locked, but you might also get to 30 or so mph.
Nope, just common sense related to road conditions, ETC. :G

Probably the main issue with higher speeds with the front and rear diffs locked is controling the vehicle. BTW, the F&R diffs will only lock at speeds below 5mph but they will not unlock regardless of speed until told to by the operator.
Will the front/rear diffs lock in "hi" mode, or do you have to go to "lo" to lock, then change back to "hi" to drive in locked mode?
I tried it and when I went into H it unlocked the front diff. My rear diff is "out of order" till I get the cable lock setup on it. Then I can lock the rear any time I want, H or L :wave:
The front and rear diffs are "armed" then the center diff is locked. So, if you are stock, you must be in low range. If you have the CDL switch, you must first select "lock".

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