Center Diff fluid change

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Mar 28, 2003
Boulder, CO
When I changed my front and rear diff fluid recently, I was ready to change my center as well. A fellow toyota owner (4runner) suggested that if the fluid in the center had never been changed or not for a very long time (90k mi or so) that he wouldn't reccomend changing because of it might disturb some worn parts?

I thought this sounded kind of hoaky, so thought I would check here. Any reason I shouldn't change my center diff fluid?
The center diff is contained within the transfer case. If you have serviced the transfer, you have serviced the diff. If you have not serviced the transfer, please do so. Drain and refill with your favorite brand of 75-90 :)
I have heard of this for the tranny but not the t-case (center diff)
The only small parts in the t-case is the oil pump, the rest is all gears and bearings. If one of your seals started to leak, you would have to drain it, fix leak and refill. But it will make c-dan happy if you had to buy a new t-case every time you had a leak.
Just change it. Mobil1 75w90 gear oil.
>> But it will make c-dan happy if ... <<

C-Dan seems ambivalent but his dogs do get happy when a transfer case changes hands.

Drain and fill the Xfer case; a little under 2 qts.

Done this afternoon, thanks guys :wave:

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