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Jan 27, 2008
I replaced my front u-joints yesterday, and evidently didn't get one of the clips fully seated. One of the cups came out and the DS made a heck of a racket, but nothing looks demolished. I removed the front driveshaft on the side of the road, and drove it home just fine.
How was I able to drive it? I don't have the center diff lock option, and thought I would have to put it in 4-low to lock it, but it drove well in 4-hi. Hmm. (97 LX450)
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This is killin' me- every thread I read says I cannot drive without a front driveshaft in hi w/ no cdl switch. I have had the vehicle for 5 years , and it was 5yrs old when I got it. The t-case had been opened at some point (Clue- red RTV sealant on case). Any ideas?
You can definately drive with only 1 driveshaft installed. You shouldn't because it will lead to overheating though. I have driven on my front shaft alone for up to a couple of miles. All that you really notice is some transmission type slippage right when you take off.
Thanks Steve- I did notice the slippage. I'll keep it in the driveway till the driveshaft is fixed.
Make sure you park it in low (CDL locked), because Park won't hold the truck with an unlocked transfer and one driveshaft ;)
No problem. You can still drive it if you need to. You just have to lock the center diff. There are 2 methods I know of and they both take just about the same amount of time. 1 is to shift into low and then pull a fuse (a quick search should yield the info on which one). This will keep the center diff locked. The 2nd and the one I used to use involves a jumper (in this case an electrical connector) You unplug a connector at the back of your transfer case and jumper it with a fork style connector I believe it has a yellow and a blue wire in it. With this method you need to make sure that what you wedge in ther isn't too big. If it is, you'll expand the contacts on the plug. I can perform this in about 30 seconds a few less than the other way;)

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Thanks Adam- I learned that one the hard way, earlier today pulling the driveshaft off. Luckily the ebrake only let it roll back a few inches. So... I chocked the wheels and kicked myself in the butt. Glad my belly wasn't the wheel chock!
This is killin' me- every thread I read says I cannot drive without a front driveshaft in hi w/ no cdl switch.

I'll bet some of my posts were responsible for that misinformation. Apparently the viscous coupler *will* kick in (after the bit of slipping you noticed) and you will indeed be able to drive it.

Like others have said, lock the diff. if you're going to drive it any more with the DS out.


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