CCOT idle solenoid

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Eric Ellis

Mar 25, 2005
Anyone use one of these? And with satisfactory results?
The one I used from CCOT had one wire. The casing is used as a ground and this in itself can be an issue if you have a bad contact. I perfer to use the idle solenoid that has two wires.
So I have a 1979 - 40 (so 2 wires)...just bought the 2 wire version from CCOT but I see in the pictures the connector is different. (both of my prongs are parallel ...the CCOT one that's on the way has one horizontal and one vertical)

My question is - how will I know what wires to connect to what wires when I splice the old connector to the new idle solenoid? Or maybe it shouldn't matter ?? :meh: ??
Ask CCOT. This is typical of a lot of their stuff. They ship you something that either doesn't fit or you have to modify to get working.
I'll reach out to them and see what they have to say (other than "no returns on modified components"). Guess I assumed others had come across this and solved....
just make up your own connector. i used an anderson when i put in a trollhole carb that came with its own solenoid. i crimped QD would be cheapest and easiest.

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