CCOT Hardtop rain gutter ?

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Oct 16, 2006
Houston, TX
Has anyone got first hand knowledge whether this item is a good buy? My rain gutter needs to be replaced and this looks tempting.
Works great, I have assembled and installed several. They aren't perfect, there is usually a bit of massaging to get them to fit well.
I can't say whether it's a "good buy" or not - I interpret that to mean 'worth the price' and that's somewhat in the eye of the beholder.

I am willing to echo @DangerNoodle though, and say that I've installed one and it was pretty painless. The metal is thick enough for a passable welder to zap it together without warping or burning through, and (at least in my case) it fit pretty well on first try. If your old one isn't swiss cheese, it's good to have a model/form; ofc, you can use the fiberglass top, some clamps, etc. and then weld.

But yeah, bottom line. I don't hesitate to vouch for the part.

What he said. Used my old cheese one as a template for the new one. Clamped together for fit and hole drilling.
Worked great
I'm pretty sure these are the ONLY option for new aftermarket at this time? I think there was a member (SouthBostonFJ40?) that was making these for a while, but no longer offers them.

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