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Apr 27, 2011
While checking my timing and completing the lean drop idle settings this evening I found something the PO did. The Return line from the fuel pump to the tank had a hose clamp tightened all the way down on it behind the A/C compressor. It was hidden in the foam insulators for the fuel lines. I also found the rubber line from the EVAP canister to the tank pulled off of the metal line that runs down the frame

Any guesses what the P.O. had in mind?

I reconnected the line from the EVAP canister to the frame line and took the hose clamp off. I will have to replace the fuel line tomorrow as it has a constricted place where the clamp was.

I will add it was bone stock with all of the smog equipment in place when I bought it.
The PO may have had some issues with gas spilling out past the gas cap when vapor pressure in the tank got too high. Happens when the canister is plugged or the one-way valve in the canister is plugged or something in the evap lines...

Easier way to fix that is to switch the two lines that go to the top of the charcoal canister, by-passing the internal check valve.
I drove it home without incident. I thought the PO might have been nursing a sick pump or something. I think I need to switch the Purge and Tank lines as part of my desmog.

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