Carburetor - slow cut?

May 15, 2003
Lafayette, CO
I have an on-again, off-again raw fuel smell in the engine compartment. Sometimes it's worse than others, and the odor is noticable from the vent under the carb cooling fan.

Whilst poking around, I noticed the little black bushing/grommet was moist with fuel, it's got like a rod going vertically into it connected to a lever, located on the DS of the carb. I have the emissions manual and the only thing I've found so far on this part is just that they name it with an arrow pointing at it.

What's the deal with this thing, is this just part of a total carb re-build?

FWIW, my cruiser is running great and getting about 12.5mpg mostly city driving...


Jan 22, 2003
Hey Cardinal, sounds like you are describing the accalerator pump and the associated "boot". Does ir look like a little accordion? Well...if it does, that vertical rod(brass) has on the other end a piston with a leather washer. When the thing is depressed it plunges down into a tapered cylider, and squirts raw fuel into the intake. You may need a new boot, or the accelerator pump, both come in a rebuild kit.
Ed Long
Feb 20, 2003
If ya don't know, I ain't tellin'
Hey, rookie---rebuild that carb!!! :cheers:

My "spare" is on the bench in the basement, awaiting that rainy day rebuild. I've got Jim Chenowith's rebuild kit, which comes with an accelartor pump boot, but not a slow cut valve boot (have to replace the whole slow cut valve--they don't sell a seperate boot; or you can do what Jim C. does, and smear it with grease).

If you get started, let me know and we can talk each other through it--y'know, the blind leading the blind?

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