car security... need some ideas..

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Oct 21, 2005
planning to take some trips down to mex/central america in my cruiser.
looking for some ideas on the security issue.
ill have to leave my vehicle alone sometimes..probably full of my all stuff.

i know about covering everything up inside (out of sight out of mind), and a kill switch.

any other suggestions / deterrents? thanks
NIce fish. Lokbox???

Take a look at the Sandcruiser site. They discuss this and offer some hardware solutions.

Removing the distrubutor cable will keep the truck around. Valuables are another matter.
lokbox yes,, 5'6" it,,thanks
hilarious but..i bet i works.
build a false deck in the back to cover up what's underneath. Make it look like the original floor with interior carpeting. On top of the false floor you can put empty coke cans, trash etc. that will be in plain view. It might fool them into thinking there's nothing worth breaking in for.
2badfjs said:
two words
trunk monkey" :D

Hahaha, that's still the best car ad going.

I would not leave any valuables in my car in Mexico, period. As for anti-theft, you can use all the alarms and locks you want but if they want your vehicle, they will get it. As a deterrent, you should have an alarm that raises total hell whenever someone gets near it, and you definitely want everything locked down...gear, wheels, etc. From experience, your best bet is to be careful where you park it.
I remember a semi-serious theft-deterent system that shot flames from the slider area on both sides of the car when activated. I'll have to do some searching to find it again.

Otherwise why pay $9 for dirty underwear when you can "make" your own?
As long as you don't have seat covers, the back panel of the front seats pulls off pretty easily if you know how to do it. It doesn't look like it comes off very easily, so maybe wouldn't be the first place anybody would look, but there is quite a bit of room in there to hide stuff.
rolliges said:
I remember a semi-serious theft-deterent system that shot flames from the slider area on both sides of the car when activated. I'll have to do some searching to find it again. QUOTE]

that was to stop car jackings in africa
How about a hidden switch on the shift lock solenoid? People will always figure a way around hotwiring your truck, but it might baffle them when they can't get it out of park. I dunno, maybe something to consider.
i dunno, tire track on your undies... that might just do it.
Never tried it on a Cruiser, but on other Toyo's & Hondas, etc. A sneaky little trick using the key buzzer switch in the ignition lock. There is a little grounding switch that tells the buzzer when the key is in the lock. Divert that ground to the negative feed to the EFI relay or other such.
If the key is not in or the lock is slide-hammered out, the EFI will not operate, and it is tow truck time! This totally disables the truck in a theft attempt. If wired right this makes hot-wiring ineffective.
You know how to bypass the little sneak in a pinch, but the thief is stymied, and the truck will not move.
Check your FSM for the right wires to cross to make it work.
About a week after moving into our new house, I found the newspaper boy trying to get into my lx-450. This is what I bought. I don't have any connection to the company, but think this is the best theft deterrent out there. It kills power to multiple systems and its wiring is hidden. They could still tow your car, but they wont be hotwiring it.

Also, I would look for somewhere semi-secure to park. Not sure how far away from civilization, but you can make a deal with someone to leave a car at their house and pay them to watch it.
Yeah!! That little doodad is what I mean. All of the anti-theft systems on the market are well known to thieves. Screaming alarms, disablement systems and all others are well known and widely ignored. It is the unique and sneaky system that defeats them. Study your FSM wiring diagram to find a way to use a system like that in the last post or one of your own as I suggested to make your truck theft-proof. You need to do something off-the-books to beat the thief, especially when traveling in remote areas.
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