Calvin's build up

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Oct 14, 2004
Meridian, ID
It's been eleven years since Calvin has been on all four tires. Some back ground... I got him in 1996 and named him after my step son who is the spitting image of Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbs). No engine and looky no bezel. :flipoff2: I just got a silver star so I'll try to post the build up. It has been in stages, but I'll try to get it organized so you can see where I have gone. It hasn't been easy and yes... it has been expensive.
OOPS! Files too large :eek: . Will repost with attachments.
Calvin 960001.jpg
Side shot 2.jpg
Drive line 2.JPG
Everything looks really nice, but what made you want to paint the axles blue? Could you post some close-up pics of your track bar setup?
No Blue.

The axles are grey. Sorry for the color quality. I'll try to post some picts today of the traction bar. I followed Brian Swearingen's write up on this site. He layed it out pretty easy. I had some box tubing laying around that I modified for the axle. I bought DOM as per his instructions and just beat onner until it shaped up. I've got a stroker engine (383 sbc) and I can imagine the torque would tend to wrap the rear axle even under mild acceleration. :)

The rear axle is a full floater, not my design. Dave Taylor started me on this, but I made some mods. The rear discs are off a '78 Supra with e-brakes and the rotors are off a chevy truck. Not sure what year. The transfer case is from the orginal unit a 72 FJ40 so it's a 3 speed. I need to get a case saver for it. Thank for the comments.

Are you supposed to do something with it after the build up... :doh: Wheel it of course!!! Seriously, I had a '76 with a 350 sbc, and the NV4500 (which is now in this vehicle). Great combo. The over drive is great, but I always wanted a little more gearing on the bottom. I'm planning on 35" BFG MTs and I have 4.88s in the pumpkins and that is an electric locker in the picture. I put manual lockouts on the rear hubs, because I plan on flat towing it (a lot). The SBC is going to be TBI with a MegaSquirt ECM. There are a lot of other things that could be done, but my primary purpose was a reliable, rugged, capable 4x4 that is destined to be my main vehicle.

Here are some picts of my traction bar.
tractn 1.jpg
tractn 2.JPG
tractn 3.JPG

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