1. R

    Registering a Fed 79 FJ55 in CA?

    Anyone have any info about if its possible to make a car exempt from smog in CA? Or some way to get around this (legally)? My neighbor has a '79 FJ55 that he will sell me but its not currently registered in CA (from Idaho). Its missing a bunch of emissions control equipment as well (original...
  2. cedarcruiser

    3FE Emissions trouble shooting.

    I've got an 88 fj62 that recently failed CO emissions testing because CO2 was too high. Last year it did the same thing and I just ran it on the highway for about an hour before going back to re-test and it passed. I tried the same thing this year and when I went back the levels were higher...
  3. HDJdreams

    Bulk hose sizes/types for underhood?

    I am replacing my brake booster, I tracked down the 11/32” brake booster vacuum hose online, about to order. While I was at it, I was wondering what other hose sizes/types to get and how much as I will be dealing with basically all the hoses under the hood. Here’s what’s on the menu...
  4. RFB

    Where can I score an OEM Charcoal canister

    I need to refresh/replace mine gas cap is hissing when opened and trucks not sparking right up on start. Also where can I score the hoses for it as well. mine a dry rotting
  5. Dimples

    Another emmissions thread

    So going through emissions testing this last time i noticed that the techs did not even lift the hood on my rig to inspect for equipment. All they did was use a mirror to check for my catalytic converter. Is there a point at which this becomes not standard procedure anymore? My rig is a 91 so it...
  6. Hawker25

    For Sale 2F Emmisions Parts Denver CO

    I am converting my FJ60 to diesel and have a bunch of good emission parts, some brand new, for sale. Here is the list with pricing not including shipping. Most stuff is small enough to ship priority USPS boxes inside the US. 3 VSV's all working and tested this morning-$20 a piece 3 non working...
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