Building "DIN Slot Rammount Mount Mounter" for 80 Series

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Mar 12, 2019
Soo ... where shall I put all the fancy devices like cell, plotter/tablet and gps? As you know the 80 series cockpit has a lot of curvature in its dash. As I do not like to drill holes into plastic and end up with a shaky mount due to the lack of space underneath the dash to add a counterplate - I had to come up with an idea.

As the factory stereo uses a double DIN slot and I deffo wanted a newer stereo which only uses 1 DIN slot I have one slot left for either a radio (Yaesu FT-2980) which does not fit anyway to the slot or something else.

So, thats the plan:


A steel frame fitting into the DIN cage, like a stereo. With AMPS pattern holes for mounting three Rammount AMPS Plates onto it.

So I did a prototype - took some aluminium sheet and hammered this prototype together:





Quite sturdy but the looks are ugly. So went to a metal shop and ordered one piece laser cut and powder coated - black, certainly.


Paid CHF 200 (I feel a bit ripped off, I even delivered the DXF for the laser cutting machine).

If anyone thinks that is a useful thing and wants to build it himself ... lemme know, PM me for DXF / Sketchup.

If anyone (preferrably in Switzerland) can do some powder coating for me ... lemme know too!
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Have you looked into the Tough Track mounts from RAM? it might be a little cleaner solution for you vs. using 3 AMPS mounted balls.. just a thought. Nice project!
Super dash!

Yes, I have seen the rails. I dont get those in CH. Also, I could not find an even spot to mount any rail ... as much I like rails. I would love to have something really wide to be able to move stuff around ... need to learn welding :)

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