Broken transfer case gear selector

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Dec 8, 2008
I recently got a 1999 land cruiser from my dad. It’s been parked for a while (1.5 years) and is rusted (Pittsburgh pa area in rust belt) which is why I have it. I’ve been working over the last couple of months to get it road worthy.

Things done so far are:

Rebuilt all brake calipers - sandblasted, painted, new seals, pistons and hardware
Turned all rotors
New oem pads front and rear
Refurbished front hubs - sandblasted, painted, cleaned and repacked wheel bearings

Got this all done and then rebuilt the master cylinder (new piston) as the pedal was soft on first press.

Had ABS light so I pulled the codes via dashboard flashing abs light. 33 and 48

33 - rear right abs sensor (inspected this and it seems okay, needs further troubleshooting)
48 - rear differential locker malfunction

I decided to take a stab at rebuilding the electric diff locker. That was a chore, had to grind off the top 2 bolts as they were rusted and rounded off. Long story short, lots of broken bolts drilled out, retapped followed by jb weld (to rebuild missing aluminum from corrosion and to glue the magnets in the cap) and machining, I got it to work. I installed the locker yesterday and went to test it out by engaging the low gear and the damn linkage broke. I was so mad I just quit wrenching for the day.

I went out today to identify root cause and learned that where the gear selector connects to the linkage under the truck, it’s sheared off. This was due to the pin being seized and not being able to rotate when moved from high to low. I was able to move from high to low by crawling under the truck and reaching up and grabbing the linkage and forcing it forward I did this to test the rear locker repair which now works! However, now this transfer gear selector needs repaired and I’m looking for some advice. How does one get this unit off? Does the transfer case need to be dropped to gain access to the top where this selector is bolted to it?
You should be able to lower the transmission + transfer case by simply lowering the cross bar supporting the transmission/transfercase. A picture would be nice to see.
BEFORE you lower the transmission to reach the linkage, remove or loosen the radiator shroud to avoid the fan blades hitting it.
I’ll take a pic from under the truck tomorrow. In the image below, where it sheared is the pin on the shift lever that goes into the bushing, shift lever rod, etc. it sheared right at the lever. Bushing, sheared pin wave washer, plate and clip are seized in the opening of the shift lever rod assembly.

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