"Break" - In run?

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Feb 3, 2008
Courtenay, BC
Anyone interested in a day out early to mid July? After a few weeks, nothing has fallen off my truck so I want to head up in the hills a bit.

Not a clue where I'm going yet, and I still don't have any armour at all so have to be cautious, but am open to suggestions. I can do weekdays or weekends. No winch. CB Radio but no GPS.

BTW, how does this thing go into 4WD? :hmm:

he said break in run not breaking run. i will be up for aweekend mid july possibly
Let's go out on the 9th. Perhaps towards ryan's. We can wheel all day and head to "the potatoe patch"! Copper canyon?
Keith, Cam and I can all do the 9th then.

Jason, any chance you can make 9th Copper Canyon work?
i am supposed to have colins lacrosse wrap up party that day. jen does not really want to go, but we are now waiting to see when jen's grandfathers funeral is. see we are a maybe.
Cam is gone by then, but I bet we could sort a second run out for the 17th.

So, what say 0800 on the 9th at the Millstream Timmy's for those heading from this end, and we will have to set a second RV near the turnoff for anyone meeting from farther north?

Anyone that wants to ride with me, please give me a shout. I doubt I'll stay long after the run, so if you are partying all night you'll have to sort another ride south.

I'm in. Officially. See you lot in the am. !!!
Uhhhh.... Am I the only one!!???


Heck, if I'm the only one I'll sleep in. On the other hand, it's most likely I'll go exploring on my own.
It's gonna be a beauty of a day out there tomorrow. Anyone who isn't coming is missing out big time!
Keith, Cam, see you tomorrow AM. Anyone else joining in, Millstream Timmies at 0800. If you are looking for us after that, you'd have to watch for us on the route in to Copper Canyon...which I don't know yet!

was a very good day out. nothing fell off my truck. Cam and Keith led some great explorations. i dented my quarter. bummer but was inevitable.

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