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Mar 14, 2009
I had my front axle rebuilt and a week later a extremely loud grinding squealing noise came from the hub area. I have to slow down or stop to get the noise to stop. It feels like the the rotors are catching/vibrating against the pads.

I took it back to the mechanic and they said it was the rotors.

They sent the rotors to be turned and it was better now it is doing it again. I took it back them and they said the could not find anything.

Light bumps seem to trigger the vibration/chattering as well as braking occasionally. Any idea what this could be??

I am living in Mexico so there is not many mechanics familiar with land cruisers or I would take it to another mechanic.

'92 fJ80, 158 miles, stock
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Dec 21, 2006
spring, tx.
You need to post up what year your rig is and be a little more detailed about when the noise oocurs (only on braking, etc....). I'd definitely take it back to your mechanic that did the work and have them take a look, may be a dry spindle or something they overlooked. Check your calipers as well and make sure the pistons aren't frozen.
Aug 9, 2003
You'll never pull this off, but you could try. Tell the mechanic he screwed up and did not pack grease in the spindle bushing area of your 80. Further, tell him you'd like to be there when he opens it up (that's the good luck pulling this off part) and if there's grease in there you'll pay for the teardown if there's non, then he's buying you a pair of new spindles.

Bet'cha money if you pop the grease cups off your axle tips (3 minutes tops) you'll also find he did not put grease in the splines of the axle tips where they mate with the drive plate.


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