Brake Booster dead - Need one for FJ62

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Aug 8, 2013
San Juan Capistrano California
Pretty certain my booster just went and died on me. Anywhere to get one these days? I looked at $or butt you know and I found one on rockauto for not a terrible price. Anyone have any suggestions. Most searches yield results from a decade ago.

Symptoms since I know you guys will ask.
• Idle drops to almost dying when brake pedal is depressed. Drove it yesterday over 60 miles in one shot with no signs of this...just fresh today.
• Sprayed carb cleaner around all hoses and no change in idle.
• Peddle is funky...firm then can go to the floor if I try hard enough. (engine running and in first gear)
• Pulled main vac hose and plugged up the sucking end. Applied brake pressure and no change in idle, no dying and firm brake pressure since it was unassisted.

I got mine from City Racer...
I have a ‘95 V6 4Runner booster in mine off of rock auto. You have to flip it upside down since the plunger is biased to the opposite side as the FJ62 one. And you’ll need a longer vacuum tube which I was able to grab at NAPA.
failing brake booster has a "hard pedal" symptom. Pedal going to the floor may indicate a bad master cylinder. Attached is the trouble shooting table from the FSM.

You can searh for posts by me--I have previously posted up pages for testing the brake booster.


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