Blown Radiator and a host of other issues...

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Jan 10, 2016
'97 80 w/ 202000+ miles

Long story short:

Blown radiator/overheating followed by "dead" battery and wacky response from alarm system.

The long story:

Heading home from work the other day when the check engine light popped on. Immediately after this the temp gauge pegged all the way into the red. Threw her into neutral, cranked the heat and rolled down the front windows as we limped off the highway into a gas station parking lot.

I sat watching white steam come up from under the hood when I realize just how stupid I am. Two days prior i noticed a slight leak on the radiator lid and didn't do anything about it and now I'm paying for it.

After about 45 minutes to an hour the hood was cool enough to touch so I pop it open and checked the damage. The radiator was blown and coolant was everywhere. Back in the cab i tried to turn the key so as to roll down the windows but now the battery seems to have died. 2 minutes later the alarm sounds off for about 5 seconds.

Towed the truck home and then tried jumping it. For whatever reason the alarm system went off almost immediately after turning her on and I was only able to roll up the drivers side window. Lights and radio come on as well. Tested the battery and the charge is completely fine. No coolant on the plugs either so doesn't seem to be the head gasket.

So now I'm shopping for a new radiator and trying to diagnose whats going on with the electronics in the truck. Any help would be great, ill post pictures soon.

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